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    A multi-directional input device according to the present invention is operated by the movement in the axial direction of an operation member 4, and a push-switch P1 generating an electrical signal is arranged at an end of the operation member 4 in the axial direction, thereby reducing the dimension in the thickness direction to obtain a thin multi-directional input device.
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00121042 Application Date
Title 名称 Multi-directional input device
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1282169 Publication Date
Approval Pub. Date 2004.02.25 Granted Pub. Date 2004.02.25
International Classification 分类号 H01H19/20;H04Q7/32
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ALPS Electric Co., Ltd.
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Inventor(s) Name 发明人 Ishikawa Shinji
Attorney & Agent 代理人 liu jiyang

Composite-action type electronic component
Composite-action type electronic component
Composite-action type electronic component
Multi-direction input device
Multidirection input device
Rotational operating type electronic unit
Multi-direction input device
Multii-directional input device
Luminescent rotary electrical components
Haptic feedback input device
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