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    A liquid filtering device having a pack of cylindrical filter member discs (70) with an arrangement for reversed, filter flushing flow cycles. An integrally formed filter core (24) is provided comprising tubular nozzled conduits (30a, 30b, 30c) so that water under pressure within the conduits becomes discharged in jet forms to enable free rotation of the filter discs. One-way valve (90) in the form of a funnel shaped rubber sleeve allows the flow of filtered water to the outlet port (20) but impedes the flow of flushing water from the outlet port through the filter member (70) in the direction of the inlet port (16).
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98812290 Application Date
Title 名称 Reverse flow spin-cleaning liquid filters
Publication Number
1282268 Publication Date
Approval Pub. Date 2004.03.10 Granted Pub. Date 2004.03.10
International Classification 分类号 B01D29/11;B01D29/39;B01D29/68;B01D29/74
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'Ar-Kal' Plastics Products
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Inventor(s) Name 发明人 Yiftach Sadan
Attorney & Agent 代理人 wu jingbei

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