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    The present invention relates to an indexable cutting insert (10) for the turning of grooves with triangular basic shapes where each insert comer features a projection (16). Each projection supports a transverse cutting edge (17) and connecting diverging cutting edges (18, 19), so that the projection (16) seen in a view directly from above has a symmetrical shape. The one outer side edge (18) of the projection (16) is bordered by an unbroken flat flank surface (22) whilst the connecting flank surface on the other side edge (19) is comprised of two partial surfaces (27, 28) of which the one nearest the edge (19) partial surface (27) has a smaller clearance angle than the partial surface (28) nearest the bottom.
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98812288 Application Date
Title 名称 Insert for cutting of grooves
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1282283 Publication Date
Approval Pub. Date 2003.05.14 Granted Pub. Date 2003.05.14
International Classification 分类号 B23B27/04;B23B27/06;B23B27/16
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Sandvik AB (publ)
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Inventor(s) Name 发明人 Per Tergtstren
Attorney & Agent 代理人 wu jingbei

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