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    A film-forming, aqueous dispersion comprising at least one substantially random interpolymer comprising (A) polymer units derived from: (1) at least one vinylidene aromatic monomer, or (2) at least one hindered aliphatic or cycloaliphatic vinylidene monomer, or (3) a combination of at least one aromatic vinylidene monomer and at least one hindered aliphatic or cycloaliphatic vinylidene monomer, and (4) at least one C2-20 alpha -olefin; and (B) a surfactant. The aqueous dispersions or emulsions of the present invention are useful as barrier paper coatings, corrosion resistance coatings, carpet backing and carpet fiber binders, in some instances, precursors for high molecular weight polymers, composites and membranes for separation systems, coatings and binders for paints, inks, moisture barriers in packaging, fabric coatings, synthetic gloves, adhesives, foams, composite flooring tiles and layers, sound deadening composite foams and pads, automotive protective exterior coatings, and removable temporary protective coatings.
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98812469 Application Date
Title 名称 Agueous dispersions or emulsions of interpolymers of alpha-olefin(S)/hindered vinylidene aromatic monomer(S)
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1282346 Publication Date
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International Classification 分类号 C08J3/03;C08K5/00
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The Dow Chemical Compang
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Inventor(s) Name 发明人 J.D. Oates;R.G. Czerepinski;W.D. Hoenig
Attorney & Agent 代理人 li yong

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