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    Container for medical solution, particularly for peritoneal dialysis. A large compartment (10) contains the majority of the medical solution, such as sodium bicarbonate, sodium lactate and sodium chloride. In addition, a plurality of small compartments (14, 15) are provided which contain partial quantities of the medical solution which are not compatible for long term storage with the contents of the large compartment, such as calcium ions and glucose. By mixing the contents of the first (14) or second (15) of the small compartments with the contents of the large compartment (10), a solution is obtained having 1.5 % or 2.5 % glucose and 1.0 mM or 1.6 mM calcium. By mixing the contents of both the small compartments with the contents of the large compartment, a solution is obtained having 4.0 % glucose and 2.5 mM calcium. Due to the increased ultrafiltration at high glucose concentration, these medical solutions are calcium-neutral during use as peritoneal dialysis solutions, that is the movement of calcium through membrane is the same at two directions.
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Title 名称 Multiple compartment container for medical solution
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1280481 Publication Date
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Gambro AB
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