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    The present invention provides a mass and heat flow measurement apparatus comprising sample and reference microresonators, such as sample and reference quartz crystal microbalances, sample and reference heat flow sensors, such as sample and reference isothermal heat conduction calorimeters; and sample and reference heat sinks coupled thermally to the heat flow sensors. The apparatus may be used to measure changes in mass due to sample on a surface of the microresonator and also to measure heat flows from the sample on the surface of the sample microresonator by utilizing the heat flow sensors, which are coupled thermally to the corresponding sample or reference microresonators. Also provided is a method for measuring the mass of a sample and the flow of heat from the sample to the heat sink by utilizing such apparatus.
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98811746 Application Date
Title 名称 Mass and heat flow measurement sensor
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1280672 Publication Date
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Allan L. Smith
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