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    A preparation method of polyurethane-vinyl polymer water dispersion liquor includes the following steps: (a) Prparing isocyanate end group polyurethane prepolymer containing hydrophilic group; (b) end-capping said prepolymer by using said invented end-capping agent (said invention provides its structural formula), and the end-capped hydrophilic polyurethane prepolymer would be deblocked in water; (c) adding vinyl monomer into end-capped prepolymer to form end-capped polyurethane prepolymer and vinyl monomer mixture; (d) adding trialkylamine to the above-mentioned mixture; (e). dispersing the mixture in water; (f). adding initiator and chain extender the water dispersion liquor and (g) heating the water dispersion liquor to make vinyl monomer polymerize and make the end-capped polyurethane prepolymer deblock and then extend chain.
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99113749 Application Date
Title 名称 Process for preparation of polyurethane-vinyl polymer water dispersing liquid
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1275585 Publication Date
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Huadong Science and Engineering Univ.
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Inventor(s) Name 发明人 Ying Shengkang, Hu Chunpu
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