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    The present invention relates to a multiple magnetic pair ultrasonic homogenization fuel-saving and pollution-reducing equipment. It is mounted in fuel line of gasoline or diesel engine, and has no need of changing main component of engine, and utilizes the multiple magnetic pair magnetic line relay fining function to fully fine the heavy fraction substance in fuel oil to implement ultrasonic homogenization according to the running condition of engine and set water-oil ratio (water is 15-25% of fuel oil) under the action of dispersion and cavitation of ultrasonic generator, and the emulsified water molecule is wrapped with a layer of oil membrane, and when this emulsified fuel oil is sprayed into engine and combusted, under the action of high temp. and high pressure the microexplosion effect can be produced so as to improve combustion condition of engine. It is favourable for raising power, saving fuel oil by 5-15% and reducing formation of CO, HC, carbon smoke and BaP in cylinder, mainly is used for controlling automobile tail gas pollution.
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Title 名称 Multiple magnet pair ultrasonic emulsification fuel-saving dirt-reducing device
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1275693 Publication Date
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Zhang Zisheng
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