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    The present invention is formed from main control comuter, digital image-reducing machine, keyboard, interface circuit, XTV, X-ray unit, high-pressure injector and hand switch, etc.. The DSA main control computer can receive the signal transferred from hand switch by means of interface circuit, then takes out digital image-reducing machine information previously inputted from keyboard, and utilizes the interface circuit to control exposure of X-ray unit, the high-pressure injector is used for injecting contrast agent, and the digital image-reducing machine is used for collecting picture from XTV in designed time, then the computer is used for controlling operation.
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99108218 Application Date
Title 名称 Signified control made for digital image-reducing machine
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1275754 Publication Date
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Shenzhen Kangtailai Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd.
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Attorney & Agent 代理人 wang xiongjie

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