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    Athiorhodaceae spawn of rhodospirillum in Rholdospirillaceae is inoculated and cultured to prepare culture liquid of live preparation with Athiorhodaceae bacteria content of 100-120 mega per ml. The culture liquid is deactivated at 120-125 deg.c to produce deactivated preparation, and is mixed with coagulant, filtered, and low-temperature dried to obtain bacteria powder, which is capsulized. The product is applied as health article for resisting senility, resisting cancer, strenthening immunity, lowering blood lipoid, etc.
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99107591 Application Date
Title 名称 Application of photosynthetic bacteria as medical health article and its production process and product
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1274584 Publication Date
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International Classification 分类号 A61K35/74,C12N1/20
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Zhongwei Huamei Medicinal Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing
Address 地址 100054
Inventor(s) Name 发明人 Yang Mengjun, Yang Jianshe
Attorney & Agent 代理人 cheng fengru

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