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    The connection terminal provided on the surface of the film substrate is composed of the electorde connection portion 11c and the plane circuit reinforcement portion provided on the front terminal of the connection terminal. The result is, the reduction of the length of a side of the connection electrode provided on the underside of the semiconductor chip and the arranged pitch. The boarding accuracy must be considered when the semiconductor chip is carried on the film substrate, so as to reduce the width of the connection terminal main body portion smaller than the length of a side of the connection electrode to a certain extent, such that the diameter of the reinforcement portion is the same as that of the length of a side of the connection electrode. And then the reinforcement portion is not easy to be stripped off from the film substrate.
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00103436 Application Date
Title 名称 Terminal structure to connect electronic component thereon
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1267180 Publication Date
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Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
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