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    The truck prevnter is installed at the back of truck to prevent tail collision accident. Its cantilever is a backwards bending arched beam comprising connected upper, middle and lower sections, the upper section is pivoted horizontally to fixed base with the top being contacted with the fixed base the lower section is connected to a frame, and between the middle section and the fixed base is a extension spring.The simple truck preventer can prevent car from colliding with the tail part of the truck.
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00105697 Application Date
Title 名称 Truck preventer for preventing tail collision accident
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1265359 Publication Date
Approval Pub. Date Granted Pub. Date 2003.10.08
International Classification 分类号 B60R19/56
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Li Boliang
Address 地址 100039
Inventor(s) Name 发明人 Li Boliang
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