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    The present invention relates to the technology of panel display. The panel display consists of an glass plate with painted fluorescent powder and anode aluminum film, a lower glass plate with prepared cathode-grid for emitting electron, supporting epoxy glass structure, and is superhigh vacuum inside. It features that the cathode-grid includes successively a lower electrode, an insulating layer for charge storage, an upper electrode and an electron emitting layer as well as an line and row collecting electrode printed on the lower electrode and connecting the upper and the lower electrodes. The device of the present invention has the advantages of low capacitance, long service life, low cost of drive circuit, and is especially suitable for large-screen and high-resolution TV set.
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00103365 Application Date
Title 名称 Capacitor-stored field-assisted thermal electron-emitting panel display and its drive method
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1265521 Publication Date
Approval Pub. Date Granted Pub. Date 2003.06.04
International Classification 分类号 H01J31/12
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Qinghua Univ.
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Attorney & Agent 代理人 liao yuanqiu

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