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    Provided is a small-sized and low-priced semiconductor laser winch can be simply manufactured with a large freedom in design, and can obtain dimensional precision and a fitting reference surface of the same degree as a conventional can sealed semiconductor laser. There are provided a stem 1 made of a resin molded integrally with a resin member 14 so that a plurality of leads 11 to 13 composed of a conductive material are exposed vertically, and a stand seat 15 which is electrically connected to a piece of the lead 11 of the plurality of leads 11 to 13. A laser chip 2 is secured to the stand seat 15. This laser chip 2 is mounted on a silicon sub-mount 3, and the sub-mount 3 is secured to the stand seat 15. A cap 5 is covered surrounding this laser chip 2 or the like, and is fixed to the stem 1 with an adhesive 6 or the like.
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00103030 Application Date
Title 名称 Semiconductor laser
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1265529 Publication Date
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Rohm Co.,Ltd.
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