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    The invention provides a novel technology comprised of twice-run nitric acid activation proces before electroplating, the drill bit produced by present method has diamond inlaid layers which are tightly combined with the tungsten carbide alloy base, so that it is wear-resistant; owing to the multiple diamond inlaid composite layers of different hardness, the drill bit is suitable for drilling various stratum.
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91106974 Application Date
Title 名称 Low temp. electroplating combined diamond drill and mfg. process
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1066205 Publication Date
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International Classification 分类号 B23P5/00,C25D15/00,E21B10/46
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No.327 Geology Team, Anhui Prov. Geology and Mineral Resource Bureau
Address 地址 231500
Inventor(s) Name 发明人 Que Quansheng
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