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    The invention relates to a recognition method and system for characters, which extracts the stroke characteristics of the character image, and classifies, matches and recognizes the characters by using them directly. The construction message of a character is represented by the frame shape, in which the important stroke and their linkage are emphasized and the strokes of less importance are neglected; the invention provides also the allowable directions for distorted strokes and the comparison criterions which are necessary to discriminate similar characters. Compared with current recognition methods, present invention has higher recognition rate and adaptability.
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92103651 Application Date
Title 名称 Characters recognition method and system
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1066335 Publication Date
Approval Pub. Date Granted Pub. Date 1994.08.24
International Classification 分类号 G06K9/62
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Zhejiang Univ.
Address 地址 310027
Inventor(s) Name 发明人 Lu Haoru, Yang Yuanyuan
Attorney & Agent 代理人 CHEN ZHENXIANG

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