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    This invention relates to a kind of full-inserted soles for sport shoes or comfort shoes with EVA welts and PU soles and mfg. method thereof. Said invented full-inserted soles include a welt part and a sole part. Its features are: Said welt part is of EVA material, and sole part is of PU material, 2 parts to form a whole body. The mfg. method of said invented full-inserted soles is to cut foamed EVA thick plate into plated units and also tailor it into coarse blanks, through grinding off cornered materials to form fine blanks. Then they are put into a forming mould and an oil hydraulic press forming machine for heating and cooling off. After taking out and cutting off edges, then it is again put in a welt forming mould to form the whole part of scabs. Place them in PU sole forming mould and pour in PU, and the product is finished by formation of mid sole wedges through foaming reaction.
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91102930 Application Date
Title 名称 Ethylene-acetate multipolymer welts and polyurethane rubber-sole completely inserted soles and mfg. method thereof
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1066376 Publication Date
Approval Pub. Date Granted Pub. Date 1994.08.31
International Classification 分类号 A43B13/04,A43D35/00,B29C43/18
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Wang Qiuxiong
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Attorney & Agent 代理人 YANG PEIZHANG

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