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    The invented method includes the following steps: firstly grinds the lower portion of joint of the aluminium frame of bodminton racket into stripe-shape gullies, then adheres the carbon fiber cloth which contains resin from the joint to entend downward, and through special arrangement and combination to form a structural shape of middle tube and holding handle preliminarily. Then through heating, forming, cooling and solidifying and then take it out, a bodminton racket shape is formed that the joint and carbon fiber middle tube and holding handle are connected together naturally. The racket is not easy to break or deform without the necessit of tee joint for fixing.
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91102972 Application Date
Title 名称 Mfg. method of badminton racket
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1066402 Publication Date
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International Classification 分类号 A63B49/02
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You Xiangtu
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Attorney & Agent 代理人 LIN CHANGAN

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