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    This invention provides a kind of check which may be easily identified whether it is genuine or false, and the preparing method thereof. In the concretely, it is to perforate a set of regular pattern perforated holes as identifying numbess on an ordinary check in order to identify the genuine or false check by commercial units. Its preparing method is before the using of the ordinary check, you have to use a perforator to perforate a set of identifying numbers based upon the seal of using department, and seal of the name of person to use the check in Chinese character strokes and serial number of the account. During use, it is only to check up this coding with the seals on the check, and the genuine or false check may be identified on time. It is simple and accurate, and not easily to be immitated.
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91102703 Application Date
Title 名称 An easily identified genuine and sham check and mfg. method thereof
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Li Zhiqiang
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