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    This invention relates to a foldable hand cart for purchasing and stitting/sleeping for child. The two ends of its side border sheet are connected to connecting part with axial 90 deg. rotation. The said connecting part connects with front side member and rear side member separately to make the composed box border sheet capable of folding in side direction. The middle portion of rear side member connects with rear back by central axis rivet. The frontseat, backseat, middle portion of front side member connect with middle protion of front side sheet by central axis rivets to make all of the front side sheet, rear back, front seat, backseat able to rotate around the central rivet according to the aim of operation. It can be used as special car for child or for purchasing and can combine the functions of child sitting car and purchasing car to operate at same time.
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91102971 Application Date
Title 名称 Folding handcart for shopping or child sitting or lying
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1066425 Publication Date
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International Classification 分类号 B62B7/06,B62B7/12
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Bengbu City Steel Furniture Factory, Anhui Prov.
Address 地址 233040
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