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    The present invention provides a kind of domestic bleaching water for bleaching fabrics. It features that in the solution of sodium hypochlorite used as main constituent, a little amount of water softening agent, stabilizator and approprite amount of essence for regulating the smell of the bleching water are added, and then it is made up. The advantages of said product are simple productive process, low cost, possessing of both bleaching and sterilizing efficacies, being efficacious for disinfecting and deodorization of boby's napking and the underwear and bedding of the aged, and also a good disinfecting and deodorization article for toilet and sewer.
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91102935 Application Date
Title 名称 Domestic bleaching water
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Inst. of Biophysics Under Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Attorney & Agent 代理人 LI TAIMIN

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