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    The present invention relates to the utilization of solar energy, specially to the solar heat collector which the working fluid is passed through. It is most suitable to assemble solar water heater. The endothermic plate is put under the medium water to be heated, the black endothermic layer is on the top of endothermic plate, i.e. the bottom surface of water, thus the water is gradually heated from lower level to higher level. The temp. of the heat-sink surface on the top is lower than the average temp. of water, and the efficiency factor is always larger than 1. Its lower limit is equal to the upper limit of existent technology, so that the efficiency is obviously high.
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92103636 Application Date
Title 名称 Internal-heating solar collector
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1066499 Publication Date
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Energy Resources Research Inst. of Henan Provincial Academy of Sciences
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Attorney & Agent 代理人 QI XIWEN

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