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    The present invention provides a medicine cap for curing ophthalmopathy and otopathy. In the cap top, cap rear, front and rear of two sides of said cap, a magnetic medicine body is respectively mounted on each position corresponding to acu-point of the head, and the front of said cap is equipped with eyesight correcting glassed which can be put on the eye, and the upper position of inner side of the glassed-frame and its left and right sides are respectively equipped with a magnetic medicine body. Besides, a magnetic body is kept in the mouth or mounted on the tooth. It uses the combination of the medicine action with the acu-points and channels and adopts the method of wearing the cap according to the meridian edd-flow to make acu-point-selection on time so as to cure ophthalmopathy and otopathy.
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92102507 Application Date
Title 名称 Medicine cap for treating eye and ear diseases
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1065003 Publication Date
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International Classification 分类号 A61F9/00,A61F11/00,A61K35/00,A61M37/00
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Zhao Rongde
Address 地址 050011
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Attorney & Agent 代理人 ZHAO CHENGMAN

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