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    The present invention relates to a manufacturing process of stainless steel electrode. The coating of said electrode consists of the following ingredients (weight%): marble 40-50, fluotrite 15-25, titanium white powder 5-10, ferrotitanium 5-10, metallic manganese 3-10, metallic chromium 3-10, rare earth 1-5, copper powder 1-5, ferroferric oxide 3-8 and then the welding wire is coated with the above-mentioned mixed material, and passed through drying in the shade for 48 hours and toasted in oven at 350-450 deg.c for 2 hours, and naturally cooled to normal temp. Said electrode is applicable for welding OCr 13Ni5Mo type steel materials and its fusion coated metal has good wear-resistant and gas-corrosion resistant property and has the higher hardness, strength, plasticity and good cold-crack and hot-crack resistance.
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91108691 Application Date
Title 名称 Three-phase contexture stainless steel welding electrode manufacturing technology
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1065032 Publication Date
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Welding Electrode Factory, Changchun City
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Inventor(s) Name 发明人 Du Yunxiang
Attorney & Agent 代理人 ZHAO JIANHUI

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