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    This invention is related to new overrunning clutch. The key part of this clutch is self-locking mechanism which is comprised of flexible steel ring, lap jointed sheeting and control key. When the drive is forward direction, internal core is run by external ring through self-locking mechanism. When motion is reversal, the steel ring and internal core are separated automatically to carry out overrunning. The forward direction locking is relaible, reversal opening force is small, the drive force is large and service life is long.
Application Number
91108957 Application Date
Title 名称 Flexibility steel band type over running clutch
Publication Number
1058830 Publication Date
Approval Pub. Date Granted Pub. Date 1993.05.26
International Classification 分类号 F16D41/20
Applicant(s) Name
Qinghua Univ.
Address 地址 100084
Inventor(s) Name 发明人 Huang Jingyuan, Huang Tingting
Attorney & Agent 代理人 LUO WENQUN

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