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    This invention discloses a catalyst system for preparing carbamate by the direct treducing carbonylation of aromatic nitro compound and CO in alcohol. Said catalyst system comprises Pd, transition metal compounds and/or rare-earth compounds, and N-containing ligand. The reaction is conducted at 20-80 atm and 120-240 (especially 160-220) deg. C for 1-4 hours. The transform rate of nitro compound is up to 100%. The selectivity of carbamate is greater than 95%. The PhNO2]/ PdCl2] reaches over 10000 (mole ratio).
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91105951 Application Date
Title 名称 Production method of aromatic amino ester formate
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1058923 Publication Date
Approval Pub. Date Granted Pub. Date 1994.05.25
International Classification 分类号 B01J31/18,B01J31/24
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Xiamen Univ.
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Attorney & Agent 代理人 DAI SHENJUN

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