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    A kind of strain with resistance to high-temp is first cultured in a test tube in which wort and agar are used as culture medium. Next inoculation culture is conducted in F bottle in which wort is used as culture medium. The third step is inoculation culture in a special culture bottle in which wort and molasses are used as culture medium. The fourth step is inoculation culture in a seed jar whose culture medium comprises molasses as main component, (NH4)2SO4, P source and trace elements. Final step is fermentation in a big tank whose culure medium is same as the fourth step. Other steps comprise separation and drying. Such high-temp active dried yeast can normally ferment at 25-40 deg. C.
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91108644 Application Date
Title 名称 Process for refractory alcohol active dried yeast
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1058989 Publication Date
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Yichang Edible Yeast Production Department, Biological Engineering Development C
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Inventor(s) Name 发明人 Chen Yuancai, Li Ping
Attorney & Agent 代理人 DU DECHENG

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