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Ethyl alcohol;Etanol
Molecular formula : C2H6O
MW : No. 46.07
CAS production specimen-17-5

nature : density 0.789. -114 ° C melting point. The boiling point of 78 ° C. Refractive index of 1.3614. A flash point of 12 ° C. Water-soluble miscible.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Ethanol;Ethyl alcohol;Hydroxyethane;Alcohol
2) ethanol;alcohol;ethyl alcohol
3) ethyl alcohol;ethanol
4) Ethyl alcohol;1-hydroxyethane;absolute alcohol;absolute ethanol;aethanol;aethylalkohol;alcohol anhydrous;alcohol dehydrated;alcohol, anhydrous
5) ethyl alcohol;ethanol;sprit( of wine)
6) ethyl alcohol;ethanol;spirit(of wine)
7) Ethanol
8) phenethyl alcohol;phenethylamine;phenyl ethyl alcohol
9) phenethyl alcohol;2-phenylethanol
10) phenethyl alcohol;2-phenylethyanol
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