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[4-[4,4'-Bis(dimethylamino)benzhydrylidene]cyclohexa-2,5-dien-1-ylidene]dimethylammonium chloride;Methyl violet;Basic Violet 3;C.I. 42555;Gentian Violet;Crystal Violet
Molecular formula : C25H30ClN3
MW : 407.98
CAS No. :548-62-9

nature : melting point of 215 ° C. Soluble 16 g / L (25 ° C).

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More Detailed Data:
1) Basic Violet 5BN;gentian violet;methyl violet;crystal violet
2) Basic violet 5BN;Methyl violet 5BN;Gentian violet;Crystal violet;C.I. Basic violet 3;ammonium, (4-(bis(p-(dimethylamino)phenyl)methylene)-2,5-cyclohexadien-1-yliden
3) gentian violet;crystal violet
4) crystal violet
5) Basic Violet 5BN;gentian violet;methyl violet;crystal violet
6) Basic violet 5BN;C.I.Basic Violet 3(42555);Methyl Violet 5BN;Aizen Crystal Violet;Aizen Crystal Violet extra Pura;Crystal Violet 10B;Crystal Violet Crystal Violet FN;C.1.Basic Violet 3(42555)
7) 4,4',4"-Methylidynetris(N,N-dimethylaniline);Leuco Crystal Violet;Leucocrystal Violet
8) Crystal violet
9) Crystal violet
10) methyl violet;C. I. Basic Violet
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