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Activated carbon;Activated charcoal;Carbon
Molecular formula : activated carbon
MW : C
CAS No. :7440-44-0

nature : density 1.8. 3500 ° C melting point.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Carbon;Activated carbon;acticarbone;activated charcoal;adsorbit;ag 3 (adsorbent);ag 5;ag 5 (adsorbent);ak (adsorbent);amoco px 21;anthrasorb
2) Carbon activated;Activated charcoal;Activated char;Carbon active;Carbon Amorphous;Carbon bl
3) active carbon;activated carbon;active charcoal;activated charcoal
4) Carbon amorphous;Carbon decolorizing;Charcoal active;Activated charcoal;Activated carbon
5) active carbon;activated carbon
6) carbon
7) Carbon
8) carbon
9) active carbon;activared carbon;active charcoal;activated charcoal
10) activated carbon fiber
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