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soft-hard acid-base
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nature : In accordance with the broad pH, acid acid into soft and hard two types of acid and alkali into the hard and soft alkali alkali two. Because there is no clear between soft and hard line, and also a number of acid-base junction. Soft acid, alkali external layer of soft electronic grasp pine, hard acid, alkali hard external layer electronic grasp. For example, < Cu + / sup>, < Ag + / sup>, < Au + / sup>, Pt2 + , < Pt4 + / sup> as the soft acid, CO, CN-, I- as the soft base. < H + / sup>, < Li + / sup>, < Na + / sup>, < K + / su

k, < Be2 + / sup>, < Mg2 + / sup>, < Ca2 + / sup>, Ti4 + , < Fe3 + / sup> as the hard acid, MH3, H2O, OH-, F - as the hardware base. Proposed experience and the soft and hard acid rules : "hard-hard, soft-soft and soft on whether the junction." This means hard acid and alkali hard, soft and soft alkaline acid can form stable compounds, on the contrary, more volatile compounds formed. Regardless of acid-base junction is the soft targets are tough all reaction and stability of the difference was not significant. The above rules and interpret the judgment of compounds such as solubility and stability.

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