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emulsion polymerization
Molecular formula :
MW :

nature : the mechanical mixing or using violent vibration of emulsifiers, water-insoluble monomers (low-molecular-weight materials or objects) in the water dispersed into emulsion polymerization conducted. The polymer manufacturing method. Thermal polymerization easier, faster polymerization, high molecular weight polymer, it contains a small amount of impurities. Widely used in butadiene and styrene copolymer, as well as other monomer (VCM, MCPA) of the polymerization, for the manufacture of synthetic rubber, synthetic resin. A stable latex products can be used directly coated fabrics and film production products for coatings and adhesives, etc.. Also available centrifuge separation, drying or spray drying cylinder derived polymer, or with suitable electrolytes (such as sodium chloride, aluminum sulfate, the ant, etc.) damage latex, polymer coherent set aside.

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