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nature : also known as the ale. With a large malt and hops (hops) as the main raw material, made of yeast fermentation with a low concentration of carbon dioxide alcoholic beverages. Sometimes, using rice or corn for supporting materials. Ethanol content of about 2% -7.5%. And contains the indigestible parts of carbohydrates, protein and its decomposition products, hops. Bitter Sweet belt, cool thirst, help digestion, nourishing effect. According fermentation methods into the surface and bottom fermentation beer fermented beer. The former surface of yeast, fermentation high temperatures, shorter; The latter used the bottom of yeast, fermentation temperature lower, longer. According to the bottling after processing, into mature beer (or lager) and the Health Brewer. Former After disinfection, can be resistant storage; The latter, without disinfection, even in storage. According to the products into color light-colored beer and dark beer (such as Dark Beer).

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) beer
2) draught beer
3) lager beer
4) draught beer
5) beer fermentation
6) spirits;alcoholic beverage;alcoholic drink
7) spirits;alcoholic beverage;alcoholic drink
8) endoplasmic reticulum;ER
9) spirits;alcoholic beverage;alcoholic drink
10) Endosulfan;Be
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