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nature : Canada called poly (response). Generally refers to one or more unsaturated monomers or ring, polymerization into low molecular weight polymer without precipitation byproduct of the process. According to participate in the monomer polymerization both types can be divided into poly (reaction) and copolymer (reaction) two. In accordance with the reaction process can be divided into phase polymerization (reaction) and chain polymerization (reaction) two. Its characteristics are : The great majority are not reversible reaction and the chain reaction; Rapid reaction formation of high molecular weight compounds; Molecular rapid growth, reaching the average value will not change; The reaction time increases, the conversion rate increased, the product of the same molecular weight. If the same number of molecular interactions which can be a large molecule, also known as polymerization. For example, three POM is the three formaldehyde oligomers. Dry oil (semi-dry oil) containing unsaturated fatty acid glyceride, when heating polymerization into large molecules of liquid viscosity.

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