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nature : yeast-containing yellow and white soft solid. The main chemical components of water, protein, fat, ash and glycogen, and contains a small amount of vitamin B1, niacin and vitamin B2 so. Appropriate types of yeast cultured in sugar, which leads to sterile air so that the large population of yeast, after the separation of high-speed centrifuge yeast slurry, and then filter press to remove residue and pressed sheet growth, saying pressed yeast, bread yeast, or fresh yeast. Good quality, the occurrence of carbon dioxide, durable good. For fermented bread used. The low-temperature drying from the dry yeast, can be used as meat and artificial nutrition agent, are also available with fermented bread. Some yeast can assimilation five carbon sugar, wood and agricultural wastes as raw materials hydrolysis, and the SSP coupled with ammonium sulfate, made from yeast or yeast nutrients.

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More Detailed Data:
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5) Yeast
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8) dried yeast
9) dried yeast
10) feed yeast
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