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Molecular formula :
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nature : commonly known as caramel. Malt sugar or sucrose by the use of fire boiled from the product. Easy moisture deep brown powder or liquid viscosity. The density of about 1.35%. A bitter and coke gas, dissolve in water and dilute ethanol. For sauce, candy, vinegar, beer and other coloring agents are used in medicine.

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1) caramel
2) caramel
3) caramel
4) caramel
5) caramel
6) Caramel
7) caramel
8) sugar(s);saccharide(s);carbohydrate(s)
9) Caramel acetate;4-Acetoxy-2,5-dimethyl-3(2H)furanone;2,5-Dimethyl-4-oxo-4,5-dihydrofur-3-yl acetate;Furaneol acetate
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