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nature : formerly base. Usually refers to the solution can be created for ionizing hydroxide ion OH - compounds. NaOH such as sodium hydroxide, ammonia, calcium hydroxide Ca (OH) 2, aluminum hydroxide Al (OH) 3 so. According to the aqueous alkaline hydroxide ions generated degree of size, can be divided into alkali (strong base or Su Zhenbang et al) (sodium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide) and the weak base (weak base) (eg, ammonia, aluminum hydroxide, etc.). Following the hull of alkali : (1) aqueous solution is Contributing Factors. Indicator can change (for example, generally gives the Red litmus into blue). (2) with acid neutralization reaction with the formation of salt and water. Alkali following general method : (1) from a base salts with another base with double decomposition (often a small fragments of solubility). For example : Na2CO3 + Ca (OH) 2 ?2NaOH + CaCO3 ?(2) metal oxide compound with water. For example : CaO + H2O ?C2 (OH) 2 In addition, the submission of basic organic compounds, such as organic nitrogen-containing amine compounds, such as alkaloids, but also to the base area. As Soda (Na2CO3 anhydrous sodium carbonate) and potash (potassium carbonate K2CO3) is the common.

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More Detailed Data:
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