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inositol hexaphosphate;phytic acid
Molecular formula :
MW :

nature : also known as phytic acid. Molecular Weight 660.06. For pale yellow or hazel Slurry liquid. Often calcium, magnesium salt (phytin, phitin) exist in plant species and sprouting rice bran. Soluble in water, ethanol and acetone, almost insoluble in ether, benzene and chloroform. Oil for antioxidants, food and fruit preservatives, the PVC polymerizer antiscaling drugs, pharmaceutical agents on the thirst quencher, feed additives can be used as anti-rust, cleaning, anti-static electricity and metal surface treatment agents. A rice bran, wheat as raw material obtained.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Phytic acid;myo-Inositol hexakis(dihydrogen phosphate);1,2,3,4,5,6-Cyclohexanehexolphosphoric aicd;Inositol hexaphosphate
2) inositol hexaphosphate;phytic acid
3) inositol hexaphosphate;phytic acid
4) Inositol hexaphosphoric acid;Phytic acid
5) Phytic acid;myo-Inositol, hexakis(dihydrogen phosphate);hexakis(dihydrogen phosphate), myo-inosito;alkovert;fytic acid;hexakis(dihydrogen phosphate) myo-inositol
6) Phytic acid
7) phytic acid
8) Phytic acid
9) Myo-inositol, hexakis(dihydrogen phosphate), calcium magnesium salt;Phytic acid calcium magnesium salt;Phytin
10) hexakis(dihydrogen phosphate) sodium salt, myo-Inositol;hexakis(dihydrogen phosphate) sodium salt, myo-inosito;hexakis(dihydrogen phosphate) myo-inositol sodium salt;inositol hexaphosphate sodium salt;myo-inositol, hexakis(dihydrogen phosphate), sodium salt;phytic acid sodium salt;sodium inositol hexaphosphate;sodium phytate;phytic acid dodecasodium from rice
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