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nature : film of light-sensitive role of the extent. In layman's terms is photosensitive speed. To the film on a certain density [sensitometric name of the measurement. Photosensitive material refers to the density of photosensitive materials by exposure images, video depths of degree. If the film picturing the more transparent, the smaller the density; Conversely, the more opaque place, and its greater density. Each pair of photosensitive materials, has its own maximum density value, increasing exposure intensity and autoradiography, the photosensitive material density values soar to a maximum, not increased, the maximum is the largest photosensitive material density], photographic film fast the necessary exposure on the small and flu slow-film needs exposure high. Therefore, the photosensitive film speed and have a certain density of exposure inverse relationship, this relationship can be used the following mathematical formula : x = constant sensitivity 1 / exposure volume. Depending on the choice of sensitivity calculation of the benchmark (ie density to generate much needed exposure value for the calculation basis), the values obtained from the same sensibility. The commonest German industrial standard system (DIN), the United States standard system (ASA) and the Soviet Union's national standard system (Γ OCT), which is now gradually unified system of international standards (ISO). Various sensitivity between difficult a simple way conversion. Mutual broad control : ISO100 ?100ASA ?21DIN ?Γ OCT 80; LCD ?400ASA ?270DIN ?320 Γ OCT. General photography, we must pay attention to the film sensibility value to choose the exposure conditions.

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