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nature : hydrolysis can generate at least three elements of monosaccharide sugars. Available formula (C6H10O5) n, n can be as large as several hundred. Polysaccharides in nature and monosaccharide, disaccharide a great difference, it was not sweet, not reinstated, generally do not dissolve in water, individual polysaccharide with water to form colloidal solution. Can polysaccharide hydrolysis or dual sugar monosaccharide. The natural world wide distribution. The most important such as starch, cellulose, glycogen and civil screenwriter. Starch and cellulose hydrolysis of glycogen and the final product is glucose, the screenwriter and civil hydrolysis final product most of fructose. Chitin is a nitrogen-containing polysaccharides.

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More Detailed Data:
1) glycan;polysaccharide
2) homopolysaccharide
3) heteropolysaccharide
4) natural polysaccharide
5) Ginseng polysaccharide
6) microbial polysaccharide
7) Polysaccharide K
8) polysaccharide fermentation
9) chitin
10) Mucopolysaccharidoses
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