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nature : also known as carbohydrates. Polyhydroxy hydroxy aldehyde or ketone and their condensation on certain derivatives and its tributaries. According because of the molecular structure can be divided into monosaccharides, two sugar, polysaccharide (see the article). Animals and plants in the sector, very widespread. Biological is the main energy sources, such as starch, glucose. Are some plants and animals to support the protection of objects, such as the cellulose plant and animal crustacean chitin contained in the shell, such as sugar. Mainly in the green leaf within the Green tablets from carbon dioxide and water through photosynthesis from.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Cane sugar;Saccharose;Sugar;.alpha.-D-Glucopyranoside, .beta.-D-fructofuranosyl
2) sugar
3) sugar;sucrose
4) Sucrose;Sugar
5) carbohydrate
6) Aldose
7) lead acetate
8) One sugar
9) crystal sugar;rock sugar
10) polysaccharide
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1) Health-care tea of morinda officinalis
2) Health-care tea of arillus longan
3) Health-care tea of Chinese dodder seed
4) Health-care tea of root bark of white mulberry
5) Health-care tea of monthly rose flower
6) Health-care tea of flos rosae rugosae
7) Health-care tea of semen sesami nigrum
8) Health-care tea of Chinese yam
9) Health-care tea of wax gourd peel
10) Health-care tea of rhizome phragmitis