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nature : a normal salt, acid-alkaline salt and salt three categories. Carbonate H2CO3 usually refers to the normal salt. Important Na2CO3 of sodium carbonate, potassium carbonate K2CO3, ammonium carbonate (NH4) 2CO3, such as calcium carbonate CaCO3 . In addition alkali metal carbonate and ammonium carbonate more easily soluble in water, the only other metal-carbonate dissolved in water. In addition alkali metal carbonate heating is not biodegradable, ammonium carbonate heat decomposition of ammonia, carbon dioxide and water, and other metal heat decomposition of carbonate for two metal oxides and oxides. The carbonate aqueous solution or suspension-the-carbon dioxide will enable the transformation of the corresponding acid-soluble carbonate. Carbonate in nature very widespread, such as limestone, marble, dolomite, magnesite reserves are so rich.

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More Detailed Data:
1) carbonate
2) acid carbonate;bicarbonate
3) Guanidine carbonate;bisguanidinium carbonate;diguanidinium carbonate;guanidinium carbonate;Iminourea carbonate;Carbonic acid,compd. with guanidine;Guanidonium-carbonat;Carbonic acid,compd. with guanidine
4) Guanidine carbonate;Iminourea carbonate
5) basic carbonate
6) carbonate scale
7) Aminoguanidine carbonate;Hydrazinecarboximidamide carbonate;Guanylhydrazone carbonate;Carbamimidic hydrazide carbonate
8) Phenylguanidine carbonate
9) Cyclohexylamine carbonate
10) basic carbonate(s)
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