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nature : organic compounds of molecular nitrogen, oxygen, carbon atoms, such as the introduction of acyl (RCO - or ArCO-) reaction. Acyl provide reagents as acylating agent (acylating agent). Common acyl halides, anhydride, organic acids such as acid (ICC) agent.

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Please see below "More Detailed Data"
More Detailed Data:
1) acylation
2) N-acylation
3) selective acylation
4) deacylation
5) enol acylation
6) hydroacylation
7) sulfonylation
8) acetylization;acetylation
9) Acylating agent
10) acyl group
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2) Non-quill roller cross universal joint cross trunnion
3) Clutch mechanism
4) Bicycle disk brake pad
5) Bicycle disk brake pad
6) Vibration isolator
7) Hydraulic shock absorber
8) Method and apparatus for making a cylindrical bearing member
9) Planetary-roller-type continuously variable transmission
10) Ring type hydraulic tensioner