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nature : Nitro (-NO2) of the nitrogen atom and the carbon atom alkyl compounds link . Yes RNO2 formula. Under the structure can be divided into aliphatic aromatic nitro compounds and nitro compounds. Aliphatic nitro compounds are close to the high boiling point colorless liquid. General aromatic nitro compounds are crystalline solids, mostly yellow. Amines be reinstated. More unstable nature of nitro compounds, some strong oxidizing power. Some can be used as explosive. For example, trinitrotoluene (TNT) and other picric acid. Usually hydrocarbons by nitration role in the system.

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More Detailed Data:
1) nitrocompounds
2) compound
3) nitroso-compound
4) cage polynitrocompound
5) N-nitrosocompounds
6) chemical compound
7) nitro-group;nitryl
8) nitro group
9) aliphatic nitrocompound explosive
10) aromatic nitrocompound explosive
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