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nature : in inorganic chemistry, acid molecule of hydrogen atoms was replacement of metal atoms (substituted) from the compound. According to the different components can be divided into normal salt, acid salt, alkaline salt, salt and Norvasc salt. When the temperature is usually crystal. Most of the high-salt electrolyte, in aqueous solution and can melt ionization state. Solubility in water is not the same. Some very easy to dissolve (such as potassium nitrate, ammonium chloride, etc.). Some were difficult to dissolve or almost insoluble (such as silver chloride, barium sulfate, etc.). Inorganic salt crust is the main component in the industrial, agricultural and defense industries on a wide range of uses. The total organic chemistry, organic bases such as amines, such as alkaloids generated acid compounds is salt, aniline hydrochloride, codeine phosphate, etc..

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More Detailed Data:
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