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triple superphosphate
Molecular formula :
MW :

nature : an acid phosphate. Gray and white powder. There hygroscopicity, dried after caking. The major components of a calcium phosphate (calcium dihydrogen phosphate), also containing some free phosphate, but not including calcium sulfate. Water-soluble phosphorus pentoxide 36% to 45%, about twice the normal superphosphate to three times. Can be used as a basic fertilizer, and top dressing fertilizer or species. From phosphate ore powder and phosphate role in the system.

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More Detailed Data:
1) Superphosphates, concd.;Triple superphosphate;Superphosphates,concd.
2) triple superphosphate;TSP
3) triple(concentrated) superphosphate
4) superphosphate;normal(single)super-phosphate
5) Superphosphates;superphosphate;enriched superphosphate;normal superphosphate;single superphosphate
6) single superphosphate;SSP
7) single superphosphate
8) super phosphate
9) ammoniated triple-superphosphate
10) calcium phosphate
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