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nature : NH + 4. yes acid or ammonia and water, and the latter H + / SUP> formed by combining NH + 4 complex ions. The correct name is ammonium ions. Because of the many chemical behavior and alkali metal ions Oh, so it's metal in English suffix "radon" and the Chinese metal radical "Smith." However, alkali metals and different, there is no free of ammonium, and the only negative ion composition can be meaningful, such as ammonium hydroxide, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonium chloride, etc.. Ammonia also some salt and the metal ions complex ions, such as Ag (NH3) 2 +, Cu (NH< SUB>3) < 42 + / SUP> as they were called silver ion ammonia or ammonia distribution of copper ions, can known as the ammonium ion. Identification of ammonium alkali is used (such as NaOH) solution instillation of unknown compounds, ammonia precipitation and easy to detect.
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More Detailed Data:
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