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aliphatic nitrocompound explosive
Molecular formula :

nature : fat molecules containing alkyl of explosives and nitro. Nitro alkanes can be divided into categories, nitro cycloparaffins category, nitro - alkane heterocyclic, nitro halohydrocarbon category, nitro alcohols, ethers nitro, nitro other ones, or into a nitro, nitro - nitro compounds and three three. A carbon atoms with two nitro known as kai two nitro compounds explosives, with the three nitro-called nitroformate explosives. Nitro compounds more energy and mechanical sensitivity is higher, but with both the numerator and the increased number of nitro increased. Nitroformate explosives oxygen balance is good, density, speed, and some have been applied. Nitro alkanes or creating other nitro compounds of raw materials, and widely used solvents. The nitro alkanes with nitromethane, nitroethane, 1-nitro-propane, 2-nitro-propane, etc.. Aliphatic nitroformate Department of explosives mostly through Domenici reaction (Mannich reaction) Preparation, while nitro - alkane liquid or gas denitrification was prepared.

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More Detailed Data:
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