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Molecular formula :

nature : the electromagnetic wave atoms or molecules induced by a combination oscillation (dipole) or magnetic moments (dipole) moments. Symbol Mnm If the frequency electromagnetic fields with a certain state before the transition and final energy difference (?E = hv) it is, the interaction of two-resonance. This dipole moment can be considered the length of the transition moment. Can transitions before state (n) and final (m) wave function, and this electromagnetic radiation corresponding to the dipole moment operator () of the plot points calculated. :. - The sum of all charged particles (electronic and nuclear) of the coordinates. Its symbols can be arbitrary, it is at the molecular skeleton of a transition decides the direction of polarization effect, it decided the square value of the intensity of this transition. If omitted e, with the oscillator strength-of Rnm. The transition dipole moment is the SI system of units cm, common units Debye (D).

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