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semantic network
Molecular formula :

nature : knowledge graphical representation of a concise manner. It relevant facts (known as nodes) using chain line (known as the Arc) interconnection. One of its main purposes is to act as expert system tool for the organization, which provides for the coordination and organization of knowledge. Semantic Web is to the original understanding of the language design, is a veteran of knowledge manner.

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More Detailed Data:
1) work
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1) Drive unit for a motor vehicle stabilizer
2) Cooling device for construction machines
3) Substantially flush mounted vehicular window frame assembly and method for producing
4) Powered sliding device for vehicle siding door
5) Movable modular window for a vehicle
6) Process, apparatus, media and signals for controlling operating conditions of a hybrid electric vehicle to optimize operating characteristics of the vehicle
7) Control device for hybrid vehicle
8) Valve
9) Driveline Torque Interrupt System
10) Braking system of hybrid vehicle